Screw Friendship Live

Monday 10th November 2014

Screw Friendship cover image

Screw Friendship is live on Amazon, launched on Kindle on 4 November and in paperback on 8 November.

Reaction so far has been less than meh. Three sales (one of them was me!) and I think that’s a pity.

I’m really pleased with the books themselves, and have high hopes, especially once a few people get a load of Pursue Friendship. Step one has to be to encourage some reviews. To that end, I’ve now set things up so that subscribers to my newsletter can access a members-only area with a special advance reading copy of the forthcoming novel Pursue Friendship, plus a nice little bonus.

KDP Select (i.e. Amazon exclusivity) has sadly tied my hands about being free and easy with copies of Screw Friendship. But maybe Pursue can kick-start some interest.

I do also need to liven up the Amazon landing page for Screw so people get a better feel for what the series is all about.

The rgmanse website itself is currently almost invisible. This wasn’t helped by having both and (the naked domain) visible. I’ve now set up a permanent redirect to the naked domain. May as well go totally naked.

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