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Monday 31st August 2015

Mother, Delirious Cover

As a new author, a huge frustration is trying to get somebody to write a frickin’ review. Even people who love the books and presumably would like the author to survive, don’t want to do it.

Bottom line: books with only a handful of reviews don’t shift copies. Why? Because shoppers don’t believe the reviews are genuine. For the same reason, such books can’t be promoted. As if that’s not bad enough, a mean, spiteful review can sink a good book, and (newsflash) there's no shortage of mean, spiteful reviewers out there who will starpoon a brand new book right out the gate because it had the F-word or contained a love triangle or was in British English and therefore full of grammatical errors and typos, or it broke their Kindle.

Authors who don’t sell soon become ex-authors, so please help get the message out:


Rather than mump and moan, I thought I’d start posting reviews on my blog of books I’ve picked up, if they're decent, and the first qualifying author is Donna Harrower, a lady I don’t know but who followed me on Twitter. Donna is also Scottish and her first book, Mother, Delirious, is well worth a read.

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