No Room for Bedroom Antics

Friday 27th March 2015

Deny Friendship Cover

A theme in Deny Friendship is finding a life partner. In an earlier draft, one of the couples was more fully fleshed out. The pair even had a bedroom scene, a scene I was fond of, so I’ve posted it for the readers who loved Deny and want a tiny bit more.

It frustrates me a little that Screw Friendship is the first book in the series. Readers used to repetitive franchises will assume that books two and three are just more of the same, which couldn’t be more wrong. Each book is totally different.

Screw Friendship is about an eighteen-year-old and eighteen-year-olds haven’t lived much, so Screw is a simple story. Pursue Friendship focuses on Frank and he’s a whole lot more fun, and Deny has an ensemble cast and is way more serious, way more intense.

All in, Deny Friendship is probably the most satisfying book, but a large number of Screw’s readers won’t read anything unless it’s free so they’ll never discover that. Yes, the books can be read out of order and I refute absolutely one reviewer’s comments that Screw Friendship isn't a complete story. It damn well is. They all are, but each builds on the previous and reading just one, the build up is lost.

Deny Friendship presents a number of partnerships for readers to dissect. Claire and Steven, Lorna and Geoff, Gavin and Fiona, and Joan and Colin. Joan and Colin were in the deleted bedroom scene. The scene allowed me to get into their heads, but otherwise served no purpose. I do like the dynamic though. See what you think. It's here. Don’t be shy about leaving a comment.

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