Book 1: Screw Friendship

Screw Friendship cover

A beautiful student discovers her beastly dad

Rosy Friendship has become a stalker magnet. This time, the creep is her fellow student and boyfriend, who’s just revealed there’s a hidden message in his tattoo. Spooked, Rosy heads for home, where she thinks she’ll be safe.

Big mistake.

Frank Friendship is Rosy’s biological dad, a man nobody’s allowed her to see, a man so monstrous, his own mother has snipped his face from all the family photos. Rosy’s fateful escape from her boyfriend is what sets her on a twisting but sure path to Frank’s gloomy cafe and a heart-stopping encounter.

Driven by an unaccountable urge to help the man, Rosy wangles a summer job to refurbish his cafe and rescue it from closure. Soon she’s the one who’ll need rescued. And this time her problem is far bigger than any stalker boyfriend. There are reasons her mum and stepdad despise Frank, and Rosy’s determined digging is about to reveal that everybody in her family — even Snuggy the sausage dog — hides beastly secrets. Rosy’s greatest struggle now will be hiding hers.

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