Book 2: Pursue Friendship

Pursue Friendship cover

A naked magician vanishes and fingers point to Frank. Dead Fingers.

Marek the naked magician — Frank Friendship’s arrogant work colleague — has gone missing and Frank is desperate to hide what happened the day the man disappeared. But the police have found a severed hand and night after night a witness daubs a message on the cafe window in blood-red letters. Fingers have started to point to Frank. Dead fingers.

Frank is slow to realise the stakes. His every move to hold onto his crummy job only digs a deeper, darker hole. And Frank’s new “best friend” Annie is helping him dig. She has the hots for him and her actions only implicate him further.

With his world collapsing, Frank does what Frank does best — help. And soon everybody is in hot pursuit of a man so busy trying to hold tight, he hasn’t figured out it’s time to run.

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