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Everybody has a problem

His name is Frank

Frank’s daughter Rosy is about to discover why her mother, her stepdad and even Frank’s own mother want nothing to do with the man. And Frank is about to discover that beyond his cafe there’s a whole world he can fix.

The Frank Friendship series is…

… a set of contemporary mysteries without sleuths, where the stakes are personal and the secrets run deep. It’s also one epic mystery — the story of a murder long before the events in the first book — told in a sequence of interlocking but unique novels.

Ready? Here’s the story so far…

What real readers say

“Fast paced, well written and highly entertaining. Funny and rude…” — Robert, UK

“It’s really hard to review as I was completely blown away by it and left somewhat speechless” — Naomi, Ireland

“Twisted, Unique, and Super Entertaining!!!” — Andrea, USA

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